Ambassador R.I. to Fiji A. Chandra Salim held a meeting with Mr. Chan Pramesh Public Service Commission (PSC) Fiji on January 20, 2011 at the PSC office, Suva. The meeting aims to discuss the prospects of cooperation that can be developed between Indonesia and Fiji, especially in education. Embassy in Suva said that cooperation between Indonesia and Fiji in the field of education has been going well, with the 3 forms a scholarship program that is Art and Culture Scholarship program Indonesia (BSBI), Post Graduate Scholarship program (S2) Partnership Developing Countries to the states Pacific region, as well as Darmasiswa program. BSBI program provided since 2003 has resulted in 23 people alumni from Fiji, while the Graduate Scholarship program has facilitated the 4 participants Fiji students. For Darmasiswa program, until by 2010, there have been 7 participants from Fiji active learning Indonesian, and Indonesian Arts. One of the points raised important speech of the meeting was discussion about programs and scholarships Darmasiswa S2 Partnership Developing Countries (KNB). Scholarship is a scholarship program for students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia, to be able to come to study in Indonesia for 6 - 12 months among 45 Universities / Institutes in Indonesia to study Indonesian language and cultural richness in the arts and crafts. Meanwhile, S2 KNB Scholarship is a scholarship program for students of developing countries. In this scholarship, students choose from a selection of majors to suit his state universities in Indonesia to continue their post-graduate studies. Embassy Suva suggested the establishment of cooperation in Darmasiswa program for participants from Fiji, given that although it has given money monthly from the government of Indonesia, but the Fijian government would be able to support participants from Fiji with additional scholarship aid. In addition, for scholarships KNB, the ambassador suggested adalnya additional scholarship considering the purpose of research requires substantial funding, so that an additional scholarship from the government of Fiji would be very useful for students in conducting research. Want to respond to PSC welcomed the explanation GoI efforts in providing assistance Besaiswa for youth Embassy in Suva Fiji and efforts to support the welfare of such students during the education. Therefore, the PSC said that they will coordinate both internally and with related institutions untik see and explore more things that can be helped by the government of Fiji for the participants scholarships. With the cooperation between Indonesia and Fiji in Darmasiswa and KNB scholarship, it will be more participants from Fiji who are interested to participate in the program. Expected for the coming years, the number of program participants from Fiji Darmasiswa will increase with the opening of Fiji Representative in Indonesia, which also opens the opportunity to be able to develop a relationship people-to-people between Indonesia and Fiji.