Counseling For Sea Man in Suva


Facial Ship's Men (ABK) at the Embassy in Suva auditorium looked seriously follow the explanation for the explanation from Mrs. Jokapeli Tuberi CATI, HIV positive AIDS in detail explain about the disease of HIV / AIDS. They seemed very touched when openly Mrs. Jokapeli convey that he is HIV positive patients. The crew also laughed when one of their colleagues tried to demonstrate the use of condoms in front of the entire audience. The scene is part of the dynamics that occur in counseling event organized by the Embassy consular Suva for the ship's Men (ABK), which is anchored in the Suva area. Illumination was carried out on the day of consular Saturday, October 15, 2010 which raised the three themes at once. The first theme regarding the disease of HIV / AIDS that was delivered by Mrs. Jokapeli Tuberi CATI, as well as HIV-positive volunteers from the organization on HIV / AIDS Fiji. The next theme raised security concerns in the city of Suva is delivered by Mr. Rusiate Ryland, Deputy Chief of Police of the city of Suva. The theme of the past on how to send money from Fiji to Indonesia submitted by the Implementing Consular Affairs Embassy Suva, Third Secretary Boniface Agung Nugroho. Selected themes in the socialization of these affairs is the theme relevant to the condition of the Indonesian community in Fiji is largely a crew. The problem of HIV / AIDS in particular and the transmission of venereal disease in general quite striking for sailors who are often vulnerable to life-style is quite free. When the theme of this sensistif delivered directly by HIV-positive patients is very touching and it felt real to the audience. Important information about the existence of venereal disease clinic examination, including HIV, which is provided free by the government of Fiji are also provided in the Indonesian crew. Security issues in Fiji deliberately removed by considering the number of cases pencopetan Fiji street children faced the crew while at night to walk from the harbor to the night clubs in the city of Suva. This action raises self-defense action and resistance from the crew that resulted in the beating of the pickpockets. In the end revenge arising from the pickpockets and take action against the crew penghadangan Indonesia. This is a separate concern for the police and the Fiji Embassy in Suva, so implemented preventive measures to prevent crime. It is advisable for the crew prior to going to night clubs to use a taxi means (not walk) and go in groups. Also in case of a criminal act then immediately contact the police in Fiji are always ready 24 hours. The final theme of remittances from Fiji to Indonesia are also very beneficial to the crew in light of the special rules that limit the Fiji government remittances from Fiji to Indonesia are up to 500 Fiji dollars (eqv 250 USD) only per annum. Where should send more money than this amount will have to make special approval letter to the Reserve Bank of Fiji. This process is often confusing the crew so as to create difficulties when will send money to his family living in Indonesia. To provide clarity about the rules of remittances in Fiji for the crew, special socialization has been done on this and created brochures that explain the process of sending money from Fiji to Indonesia. The socialization is going well and followed enthusiastically by the participants. The socialization is very helpful for the crew (how to send money and security in Suva) and increase their awareness about the dangers of HIV transmission. These dissemination activities carried out regularly twice a year to help the citizen to obtain a variety of useful information with a variety of themes.