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​Visa and Consular Service Fee​​

  • The Embassy of Indonesia hereby announces the new Consular Fees effective the 9th of January 2017, as stipulated by the Ambassador's Decree No.:043/DB/I/2017, as follows:


    A. Consular Fee

    ​I.  Visa Fee

    1. Single Visit Visa (Business, Social & Culture, Tourist)                            : SEK               450,-

    2. Temporary Stay Visa     :           a) up to 6 months                                : SEK               500,-

                                                           b) up to 1 (one) year                          : SEK               950,-

                                                           c) up to 2 (two) years                         : SEK            1.700,-

    3. Multiple Entry Business Visa                                                                 : SEK            1.000,-


    II. Legalization Fee

    1. Legalization of Business Document (per document)                             : SEK            1.150,-

    2. Legalization of Personal Document (per document)                             : SEK               250,-



    III. Certificate Fee

    1. Marriage Certificate                                                                               : SEK                   0,-

    2. Birth Certificate                                                                                      : SEK                   0,-

    3. Death Certificate                                                                                    : SEK                   0,-

    4. Others                                                                                                    : SEK                   0,-


    IV. Indonesian Travel Document Fee

    1. New Ordinary Passport                                                                         : SEK               300,-

    2. Double Citizenship Passport                                                                  : SEK               500,-

        (Paspor Dwi Kewarganegaraan)

    3. Travel Document in Lieu of a Passport (SPLP)                                       : SEK                  60,-

        (for non-resident Indonesian national losing travel document)

    ​4. Travel Document in Lieu of a Passport                                                   : SEK                   0,-

        (for Indonesian national subject to deportation or post serving

         penal sentence in Sweden)




    Please be informed that the Embassy DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH. All payment has to be done through transfer to the Embassy's SEB Bank account no: 5277-11 204 37 and all applicants are kindly requested to submit the copy of the bank transfer receipt which stating clearly name of applicant, to the Embassy along with other documents required.




    All consular fees paid/transferred through the Embassy bank account can not be reclaimed/returned​



  1. Please check the validity of your passport before travelling to Indonesia. To secure safe entrance into Indonesia the validity of your passport must exceeds more than 6 (six) months. 
  2. Travel Documents, Alien Passports and Temporary Passport (Provisorisk Pass) is NOT acceptable as a travel document to enter Indonesia. 
  3. All visas will be processed by the Embassy within 3 (three) working days (provided that applicants have completed all the requirements needed)



Visiting address: Embassy of Indonesia, Kungsbroplan 1, 4 tr, 112 27 Stockholm
Visiting hours: Monday to Thursday: 09.30-12.00; Friday: 10.00-11.00
Telephone hours: Monday to Friday: 09.30-12.00
Postal address: Embassy of Indonesia, Consular Affairs, Box 13062, 10302 Stockholm
Telephone: +46-8-545 55 880
Fax: +46-8-650 87 50