Stockholm (Tuesday, September 4, 2018).  Yesterday, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo gave some profound advice to the audiences at the panel discussion on “Future of Diversity". The Indonesian, who is an alumnus of the University of Oregon and founder of PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana also well known as, was at the discussion moderated by Marla Kalajian. Among the panellists were Eva-Lotta Laurin, Head of Marketing Salesforce Nordic, Robin Hauser (US film producer), Susan Lindberg (Volvo Car Mobility), Marie Fossum from Strannegård EY, and Indra Sharma from Venture Lead.

It was a high-powered panel discussion in technology performed by all women panelists, conducted at the Stage 2 of the Stockholm Tech Fest . Shinta underlined a very important matter that everything must be started from the recognition of diversity. “For me diversity is about empowering the people", said Shinta. She went on to say that respecting for and listening to what others have to say is of utmost importance. Panel agreed with Shinta. In fact, in a company or even in a family, everyone must respect and understand each other.

Robin Hauser, a film producer mentioned that everyone seems to be talking about it in the context of establishing a society where traditionally underrepresented groups get their fair share of opportunities. “But as the world moves ahead, the workplace will evolve — not just in terms of technological revolution, but also in terms of its human composition", stressed Hauser. She supported Shinta that inclusion is really a key factor.

“I am right now doing mentoring at the startups business. My advice to the startups, you cannot just do one thing in startups. Don't wait too long. Ideas could be developed and sustained. Unless you executed, your effort will be nothing. Don't be afraid to be failing, as this is a part of our journey. Be entrepreneur", advised Shinta.

The discussion got at very interesting moment when Susan Lindberg from Volvo mentioned that in her job as the Head of Diversity Management, she is focusing on managing diversity and inclusivity – ranging from various aspects of marketing, HR, leadership, innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR). “We know that diversity equals sustainable growth", added Susan.

In conclusion, the lively discussion led by professional moderator Marla Kalajian had some take away that this era has made us more aware and knowledgeable than ever before. Discoveries in science and technology have empowered us to think differently, act quickly and purposefully, and explore more efficient ways to improve economic, education and social billions of people globally. By presenting innovative ideas for future of diversity and inclusion acquired through experiential knowledge and social networking. As a result, we should be hopeful for the future, instead of hopeless about it.

Bagas Hapsoro, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden, who attended the forum also extended his great support for the advancement of Indonesia's start up and digital movement. Ambassador Hapsoro mentioned that Indonesia as one of the emerging economies in the world, should actively and proactively involved in various international high technology fora. There is also a great potential to develop a closer cooperation with Sweden, as one of the most advanced countries in the field of innovation and technology.

For the background information, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, is the founder of Together with Ambassador Johanna Brismar Skoog, the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia, they organized the Digital Forum conference in September 2016. Shinta was one of the speakers at the said Forum.


In 2017, the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta was a partner of IDBYTE 2017, the biannual high-level tech conference co-organized with PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana.  The said conference also opened a competition among start-up companies and digital industry in Indonesia to showcase their best talents and creations. The competition, also well-known as Bubu Award, selected the best start-up company and send the winning start-up to participate at the international high technology forum abroad.


Bubu Award 2017 picked JALA, an Indonesian start-up company based in Yogyakarta and founded by graduates from Gajah Mada University, to win the award and sent (2) two representatives of this company to  Sweden for a study-tour and networking with representatives for the Swedish start-up ecosystem.


They are now visiting Stockholm from 2-6 September 2018, and also take part in the Stockholm Tech Fest.


 (Source: The Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm).