Heri Dono ‘Animachines’ Exhibition at Färgfabriken, Stockholm

From 28th March 2015, Heri Dono presents his first solo exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden entitled ‘Animachines’. Curated by Joachim Granit and Emilia Rosenqvist of Färgfabriken, the contemporary art gallery space will serve as a home of the virtuosity mind of Heri Dono. The exhibition runs until 28th June 2015.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden officially opened the exhibition on 28th March 2015. In the inaugural speech he addressed, H.E. Dewa Made J. Sastrawan emphasised that Heri Dono is truly the ‘Animachines’ puppet master: “Animachines brought us to a journey, to a place where we can feel the presence of the artefact of animism and simultaneously we can see the influence of machines in our life. As we know, a machine is the main manmade masterpiece that transforms society across the world to this modern culture.” In his speech, Ambassador Sastrawan invites visitors and spectators of Heri Dono’s exhibition to relate themselves with the need of machines, “You might think there are invisible hands and power that make animism to be believed as an artefact that can make lives better, and the invisible hands of market capitalism made people believe that created creatures in animation make people more optimistic in their lives.” The Ambassador said that the Animachines’ journey is a reminder to us that we are all puppets, playing our own role and parts while we are alive, directed by invisible hands of the puppet master.

Heri Dono (Heri Wardono) was born in Jakarta on 12th June, 1960, grew up in the artist scene in his birthplace. Dreamed of being an artist, Dono continued in pursuing his interest at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, which was then a painting programme in STSRI ‘ASRI’ Yogyakarta. Although he felt constrained in being limited in expressing himself within campus, he did not stop as he travelled and visited artists’ studios and houses in learning artistic skills and processes.

The installations in the ‘Animachines’ exhibition reflect Heri Dono’s own life experiences of metaphoric relations between humans themselves, human to nature, human to universe, as well as the complex issues of the political situation in Indonesia.

By combining animation and animism, Heri Dono showcases thirteen major artworks in bridging the two notions through his creative processes, enthusiasm and mind curiosity on questioning the culture and socio-political ideas presented through the influence of globalisation and Indonesia’s democracy.