Procedure and Steps for Adoption of Indonesian by Foreigner


  1. Inter country adoption of Indonesian child by foreigner is governed by Child Protection Law  (UU no 23 2002). The important points to observe are: the principle of adoption, purpose, pre-requisites and mechanisms. This needs a court decision.
  2. The purpose of adoption is solely for the benefit of the child, complying to the local custom and the governing Law itself.
  3. The mechanisms of adoption by foreigner is governed by Government Decree (PP no 54 2007). This law also covers Indonesian citizen adopting foreign child.
  4. The pre-requisites and detail steps are governed by Ministerial Decree (PerMenSos 110/HUK/2009).
  5. Child adoption by foreigner can only be done through Child Care Service Center.
  6. The main points of the mechanism are divided into 4 stages;
    • Stage of Request permit for Child Care
        1. Parental candidate request child care permit
        2. Social Authority visit to the parental residence for feasibility fit approval
        3. When considered fit, Director of Social Service will issue Temporary permit for Child Care
    • Stage of Temporary Child Caring
        1. Hand over child to Parental candidate
        2. During the period, the Social Service will check and guide the parental candidate
    • Stage of Requesting Adoption
        1. Parental Candidate request for adoption permit to Ministry of Social with motivational affidavit.
        2. Social Service from Ministry of Social and Social Service will visit the adoptive parent candidate to learn the development.
        3. The Director of Social Service will review with the team to decide the agreement for recommendation to proceed.
        4. The team will issue Letter of Recommendation for Adoption
    • Stage of Approval by Court
        1. Ministry of Social through Director General Social Service and Rehabilitation will issue Letter of Decision from Ministry of Social to issue permit.
        2. The permit is endorsed by Court Decision.
    • Reporting and Documentation
        1. The Adoptive parent report to the Ministry of Social
        2. The Ministry of Social will note and document the Adoption
  7. When being adopted by foreigner, the adoptive parent shall report to Indonesian Embassy and agree to be visited by the Embassy staff at any time until the child is 18 years old.​