Three elementary school of Indonesia has won the Children Painting Competition in Bulgaria


Aurelia Permata Dewi (8.5 yrs), Stephanie Agustin Wijaya (11 yrs) and Angelicya Theopila Duarta (8 yrs), School students IPEKA I Sunter Jakarta, has won a children's painting competition organized by the Directorate General of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population - Bulgarian Interior Ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. On the Painting Competition with the theme "I saw the Disaster with my Eyes - 2012", the Aurelia occupy champion for the age group 6-9 years, Stephanie champion age group 10-14 years and the second winner Angelica age group 6-9 years. All three have earned medals and certificates were handed over Bulgaria Deputy Interior Minister, Vesselin Vuchkov, to Ambassador Bunyan Saptomo the medal ceremony was held on December 5, 2012 at the National Children's Palace, Sofia. Painting competitions are held every year and this time is the Children Painting Competition is the 10th. The race is intended to provide education to children in order to give appreciation to the profession "Rescuer" including firefighters in disaster rescue effort. This is illustrated by children's drawings diperlombakan. Painting Competition were divided into 3 (three) categories followed by about 900 children aged 6 to 18 who come from various countries around the world. The jury has decided the best 27 paintings, 9 (nine) of them from Hong Kong-PRC, Indonesia and Latvia. Children painting competition was also associated with education programs in schools in Bulgaria in providing knowledge and skills to children about what to do if a disaster such as fire, earthquakes, and other disasters. In addition, the knowledge to provide first aid to the victims of the disaster. Given the importance of children to express themselves, painting competitions have been incorporated into the national education calendar Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. The whole best paintings have also been exhibited at The National Children's Palace in Sofia the opening performed in conjunction with the announcement and awarding medals to the winners on December 5, 2012 by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria. This activity is also getting support from the Council of Europe - Secretariat of the Open Partial Agreement on Major Risks.