Sofia based Indonesian Dance Group -The Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago- Patronage of the Indonesian Embassy in Bulgaria



The International Folklore Fiesta (IFF) was held for the first time on 26 November 2010, in the city of Svilengrad. The festival was under the collaboration of Menci Radio, Thracian Organization in Svilengrad and the Indonesian Embassy in Sofia. The Indonesian Embassy also serves as the first international participant from other foreign countries representatives in Bulgaria. More than 200 visitors of all ages, children, teenagers and the elderly, packed the opera house downtown and with amazement and admiration enjoyed the Indonesian embassy’s dance group, the Enchanting Roses of the Archipelago (PMN- Pesona Mawar Nusantara) showcased the Lenggang Nyai, Renggong Manis and Saman dance.


In his speech, IFF coordinator, Dr. Georgi Filipov, stated that the IFF will be held every year in the town of Svilengrad and will include one of the international representatives in Bulgaria. It was also mentioned that in 2006, PMN has also performed at the occasion of The Day of the City of Svilengrad.

In addition to the Indonesian dance group, the festival also showed the Svilengrad Folk Songs and Dance Ensemble, which was represented by Petya’s Girls dance group also a performance by the famous traditional Bulgarian singer, Nadia Kazakova. The event was highlighted by some traditional Bulgarian dances and songs accompanied by music played live by Petya's Girls.

The event which lasted more than an hour was covered live by local media (cable TV & Menci Radio) and attended by the city leaders as well as students and other community residents. The audience watched the show with enthusiasm and gave excited applause at the end of each dance that is performed by PMN, especially the performance of Saman dance. All visitors expressed admiration for the diversity, teamwork and the beauty of dance

Movements from Indonesia that was presented that night.


Rave reviews from visitors were not only seen from the admiration shown to PMN while featuring the dances, but also when they finished the performance, where audience would directly approach the dancers for photos.