On December 4th 2012 at the building of Old Municipality in Asenovgrad, Indonesian Embassy in Sofia in cooperation with the Municipality of Asenovgrad, organized photos and paintings exhibition by Indonesian children. The photos exhibition was opened by Indonesian Ambassador in Bulgaria – H.E. Mr Bunyan Saptomo, witnessed by the Mayor of Asenovgrad, Emil Karaivanov and about 75 guests, including Bulgarian artists, government officials, academics, and students. In the opening ceremony Ambassador Bunyan Saptomo explained the purpose of the exhibition and gave details about some photos and paintings on display. Some visitors shared their interest in cultural diversity and natural beauty of Indonesia. While others expressed a desire to visit Indonesia, especially Bali. The exhibition continued with a presentation of the Ambassador at the new building of Municipality, which is located about 50 meters from the building where the exposure took place. Mayor of Asenovgrad expresses his gratitude to Indonesian Ambassador and his team for visiting Asenovgrad and organizing cultural events in the city. The aim of the presentation was to explain the modern development of Indonesia, particularly Indonesian economy amid global economic development, cultural diversity, and religious life of the people of Indonesia as well. The Ambassador also hoped through this cultural cooperation the relation between Indonesia and Bulgaria, especially Asenovgrad, can be widely evolved to be economic cooperation. After the presentation, the Mayor requested the Ambassador to switch on the lights of the Christmas tree at the centre of Asenovgrad, which has become an annual tradition. The activity ended with a dinner, presenting the Indonesian cuisine, such as fried rice, curry chicken, Indonesian salad (gado-gado) and Indonesian traditional crackers. The highlight of the dinner was the performance of Bulgarian and Indonesian traditional dances. The dances of Indonesia were performed by Bulgarian students, members of Pasona Mawar Nusantara dance formation of the Embassy. They danced Indonesian traditional dances as Bajidor Kahot, Yapong, and Nandak Ganjen. Earlier, in the day of the occasion, the Ambassador had a meeting with the mayor of Asenovgrad. They discussed the opportunities for cooperation between the Municipality of Asenovgrad and Indonesia, in particular the potential of both sides for trade and tourism. The people of Asenovgrad highly appreciated the Indonesian cultural event, realized by Indonesian Embassy in Sofia. It can be seen in the number of guests attended the events, especially the dinner (about 150 people). A week earlier, same exhibition was held in the Municipality of Pomorie at the evening on 26 November 2012. The activity in the wine-producing region was conducted in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Burgas, Municipality of Pomorie, Grand Hotel Pomorie and Nusantara Club. The event was attended by about 150 guests, including local government officials, academics, businessmen, the members of the Nusantara Club and Pomorie Tourism School students. Among the official guests were: Governor of the Province of Burgas, Mr. Konstantin Grebenarov; Mayor of Pomorie – Mr. Ivan Alexiev; Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Burgas - Mrs. Vidka Valcheva, and owner of Grand Hotel Pomorie – Mr. Rumen Draganov. Bulgarian Batik painter, Zlatka Bobeva, also exposed his batik paintings with Indonesian children’s photos and pictures. The same day in the morning, the Ambassador Saptomo met the Governor of Burgas and the Mayor of Pomorie. During the meeting with the Governor of Burgas, the Ambassador discussed the possibility of Burgas Province to become a sister province to the North Sumatra province. Similar to Burgas Province, North Sumatra Province has a large harbor and plantation areas. It produces palm oil, coffee and tobacco. Furthermore, both sides spoke about opportunities for Burgas Province to export meat and wheat flour to Indonesia; and the plan of trade mission and Bulgarian tour operators to visit Indonesia (Jakarta and Medan) in October 2013. Meanwhile, Mayor of Pomorie expressed his willingness to increase cooperation in tourism (beaches, religious, and medical tourism) and culture areas. The Mayor also hoped to establish sister city cooperation between Pomorie and one of the cities in the Province of Bali. Mayor of Pomorie invited the Governor of Bali Province and one of the Mayors in Bali Province to visit the cities of Pomorie and Burgas, and to send a team, including some Balinese artists (painters and sculptors) to Pomorie. Photos and pictures from Indonesian Children Exhibition in the two Cities was preceded by the same exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo on 14-15 November 2012. The events in the three cities were also covered by the local TVs and print media. Thus the name of Indonesia became better-known among the Bulgarian society. (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Sofia)