Ambassador Inkiriwang received Order of Stara Planina First Class from President Purvanov


Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Immanuel Robert Inkiriwang, was awarded the Order of “Stara Planina” First Class by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Georgi Purvanov at the Office of the President in Sofia, 23 February 2011. The ceremony was attended also by the Chairman of Indonesia-Bulgaria Parliamentary Group in the National Assembly, Yunal Tasim; Director for Asia, Australia and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, Angel Orbetsov; presidential staff; Ambassadors of Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, India, North Korea, the Netherlands, Palestine and Slovakia; Mrs. Fely Rose Inkiriwang (spouse of the Ambassador) and Home Staff of the Embassy.


In his remarks, President Purvanov conveyed his appreciation for the contribution made by the Ambassador in the efforts of enhancing further Indonesia-Bulgaria relations. The President was pleased to note positive development in Indonesia-Bulgaria bilateral relations and mentioned among others his meeting with the President of Indonesia at the sidelines of ASEM Summit in Beijing (25 October 2008), Indonesia’s participation as Partner Country to the Plovdiv International Spring Fair (12-17 May 2009) and the established relations and cooperation between cities in Indonesia and Bulgaria (in particular, Surabaya-Varna, Medan-Burgas and Surakarta-Montana).


Ambassador Inkiriwang thanked the President for the award given and conveyed his appreciation and gratitude for the support and cooperation extended by the Government and people of Bulgaria during his mandate since November 2007. He further mentioned that the award reflected the great importance given by Bulgaria for her bilateral relations with Indonesia. The Ambassador stressed that the achievements in enhancing further Indonesia-Bulgaria relations would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of the Government and people of Bulgaria and the hard work done by the Embassy staff.


Based on the Bulgarian Constitution, the Order of “Stara Planina” First Class is the highest award given to a person that has greatly contributed in enhancing and strengthening the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and another country.


Photo: President of Bulgaria, Georgi Parvanov (kiri) dan Ambassador Inkiriwang(kanan)