Official and Staff

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

H.E. Ngurah Swajaya

Deputy Chief of Mission / Head of Chancery

Didik Eko Pudjianto

The Department of Political Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore is primarily in charge of pursuing the national interest in Singapore through enhancing the bilateral relations and cooperation between the Republic of Indonesia and Singapore, especially in political, legal and human rights; achieve and maintain Singapore's support for the territorial integration of the Republic of Indonesia; and enhance Singapore's support for the position of Indonesia in international forums as well as on issues of interest to the Republic of Indonesia.​​​​

Minister Counsellor

Tjoki Aprianda Siregar

First Secretary


First Secretary

Akhmad Zainul Arifin

The Department of Economic Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore assists the Ambassador to improve relations and bilateral economic cooperation between RI - Singapore especially in the tourism and investment sector through operational activities in accordance with the mission’s vision. Based on the primary mission and vision of the Ambassador, the Department of Economic Affairs main task is intended to improve the flow of investment from Singapore to Indonesia and enhance the number of Singaporean tourists to Indonesia.

Minister Counsellor

Berlianto Situngkir


Dr RM Aria T.M. Wibisono

Counsellor / Seconded to APEC Secretariat


Second Secretary

M. Reza Adenan

The Department of Information, Social and Cultural Affairs targets a smooth flow of information from Singapore to all people in Indonesia, improve the image of Indonesia, introduce national culture and enhance educational cooperation between the two countries. In this regard, the cooperation with the media and the general public is a must. The department also continues to guide the people of Indonesia in Singapore. In addition, it also manages and organizes visits from Indonesian stakeholders to the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.​​​

Minister Counsellor


Second Secretary

Melati Sosrowidjojo

Consular duties include notary service, judiciary, consular services and protection of Indonesian citizens and legal entities in Singapore. This includes tasks such as issuing new passports, diplomatic and official passport renewal, registration of citizens, citizen data collection, submission calling visas, legalization of documents, permission for aircraft / ships to enter Indonesian territorial, and the issuance of a certificate for the citizen in Singapore. While protocol duty is to provide protocol services for guests visiting from Indonesia and carry out the ceremonies and celebrations of national days and other holidays, in collaboration with other functions at the Embassy.​

Minister Counsellor




Second Secretary

Yulinur Rudi Purnadi

Second Secretary

Marlisa Wahyuningsih Soepeno

Third Secretary

Satrio Widiasmoro

Communication Officer

Sahala Manumpak Panggabean

Communication Staff

Mastuti Ekasari

Defense Attache

Kol. Pnb. Tjahya Elang Migdiawan

Military Attache

Kol. Arh. Dedy Zulkifli

Naval Attache

Kol. Laut ( P ) Sumartono

Assistant to Defense Attache

Mayor Mar. Irfan Bhatara Lubis

Immigration Attache

Saffar Muhammad Godam

Assistant to Immigration Attache

Fahrul Novry Azman

Assistant to Immigration Attache

Qriz Pratama

Transportation Attache

Jon Kenedi

Assistant to Transportation Attache

Sonny Crouce Silaban

Finance Attache

Lupi Hartono

Trade Attache

Sugih Rahmansyah

Police Attache

Joko Setiono

Administration Officer

Kusrini Rahayu

Administration Officer

Arya Yudha Prakasa

Education Attache

Veronica Enda Wulandari

Labour Attache

Agus Ramdhany Machjumi

Director of IIPC Singapore

Ricky Kusmayadi

Assistant to Director of IIPC Singapore

Eko Wijanarko