Museum Gala at Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore had promoted Indonesian cultures through the participation in Gala Night which was held by the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) Singapore as re-launch event of the new concept of the. This Gala Night, held on November 21, 2015, was attended by the board members, the donors of the museum and Singapore's well-known philanthropies who have been actively involved and contributed in preserving and restoring Asian contemporary arts. On that special occasion, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore showcased traditional musical performances of gamelan and angklung, and several traditional dances, such as Merak, Badindin, Legong, Piring, Oleg and Belantek. These performances were presented by the Indonesian students from Sekolah Indonesia Singapura and Indonesian diaspora in Singapore amazed the guests. Other than showcasing traditional performances, Indonesia also served traditional culinary which became one agenda the guests had waited for, such as: nasi tumpeng, es dawet and different kinds of traditional cakes. Overall, Indonesia received a lot of compliments in that event.