Indonesia ready for 2012 global crisis: VP


Indonesia claimed to be ready in facing the global crisis in 2012 in view of unfinished Euro zone debt crisis.
"The government is ready to anticipate the global crisis. We had the experience in 1997, 1998 and 2008. We expect that it will not develop into a severe crisis, but as the possibility exists, we need to be ready," the Indonesian Vice President Boediono said here Monday.
Besides, Boediono also called to avoid disharmony between political and economic policies in an effort to deal with the crisis.
There is one thing that must be considered in facing the global crisis, namely harmony between political and economic policies, which did not happen in Europe which is experiencing a debt crisis.
"I say we are ready. I expect the business community is ready and well prepared and the political world is also ready, because in a crisis there is a `disconnection` between politics and economics," he said.
If the situation continues between the political and economic policies, an iron law shall prevail.
There will be some adjustments in solving the uncertainty problems, that is worse even if a joint agreement existed.
"I see economic and political overlappings in some countries,"he said.
Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ordered governors and all relevant parties to be aware of the 2012 global economic situation following the European economic crisis threat which might influence economy in other regions, including Asia.
Speaking to 33 governors in the National Conference of the Association of Provincial Administrations in Semarang, Central Java, some time ago, the president said that to face the crisis, cooperation and hard work of all parties would be necessary.
"How could we overcome the 2008 crisis together, because the local and central governments and economists worked together, and that`s not happening in 1998. Learning from our experience, in 2012 let us do the same thing, we must have a commitment to act where necessary and match our steps with those we can survive and grow the economy, "said the president.
What is happening today is very similar to the economic crisis of 2008, with the US as the center of the crisis and then it shifted to the Euro zone, the president said.