Indonesia Offers Opportunity on Riau Islands

Indonesia Offers Opportunity in Riau Islands

BINTAN, KOMPAS - Indonesia offers opportunity to invest in Riau Islands to 22 Countries. The exclusive area of economics and tourism area become priority on that offer.The Indonesia ambassador for Singapore I Gede Ngurah Swajaya said that the offer was delivered by ambassadors from  22 other countries. They were invited to Riau island at 29th – 31st July 2016. "The ministry of foreign affair and the ministry of tourism took 22 peoples to Batam and Bintan," he said in Batam

The ambassadors who came to Riau Islands are working in Indonesia and Singapore. In Batam and Bintan, they invited to visit industrial area and tourism area. They have a opportunity to try several golf fields in Batam and Bintan. As a region which near to Singapore, Riau islands have a strategic position and many opportunity for investment," they said.

More over,in Riau islands there are several free port and trade area (KPPB) which located in Bintan, Batam, and Karimun. Swajaya invites some ambassadors to inform there are a lot of fiscal facilities and regulation facilites that will be obtained by investor on KPPB.

Especially on Batam, there is a area which is more than 20.000 hectare that will be developed for tourism. Lagoi provides a lot of alternatives for accommodation to choose from economic class until high class up to 2.000 USD per night. "After this, we will invite the ambassadors to invite their citizen to come to Riau islands," Swajaya said.

The Ambassador of South Korea for Indonesia Cho Taiyoung said that he had come to Riau Island several times. But, only that time he saw the other side of Riau Islands. " I am impressed with the potential of tourism and investment on Batam and Bintan. I have never got information as much as this time about investment here. This interesting information will be delivered to South Korea," he said.

Further more he said that South Korea is the source of investment in Indonesia. Therefore the opportunity for the new investment continue to be sought. " We still see  the opportunity for investment in Riau Island still exist, moreover the infrastructure has been better. On my way from airport to hotel, I keep seeing the development of infrastructure," he said.

Meanwhile Peru ambassador for Singapore Manuel Talavara said that he had never gone to Riau Islands. Even Though, Riau Island can be reached within one hour from Singapore. "We get a lot of information about investment  opportunity here," he said.

Senior Advisor of Ministry of Tourism Harry Waluyo said that, Riau Island is the one of Indonesia tourism gate. Tourism sector in Riau Islands will be keep developing. "Total amount of hotel, tourist destination, and tourism facility with international standard keep growing," he said.

Golf become one of tourism priority in Riau Islands. There are 10 golf fields in Bintan and Batam with international standard. "The Ambassadors have tried several golf fields and the reviews are positive," he said.

Besides Batam and Bintan, Ministry of Tourism also offers tourism to other regencies in Riau Islands. Natuna and Anambas have been offered for tourists who like marine tourism.

Swajaya said that the target of marine tourism promotion in Singapore are the owner and the user of 5.000 sailing boat. "Every weekend, they look for object that can be visited  in the short time. Riau Islands is the most potentital one," (RAZ)