?In addressing the burgeoning reports on foreign nationals falling victims to business scams done by unscrupulous Indonesian companies and attempting to avoid the recurrence of such cases, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing hereby advises the following:

1.    There have been reports of modus operandi in the form of bogus web-sites offering products from Indonesia.
2.    The bogus companies usually offer to export products originating from Indonesia and ask for an advance payment or down-payment from prospective buyers. After receiving the transfer of money, the embezzlers will not deliver the order and subsequently cannot be contacted.
3.    It is therefore important to first ensure that the companies are legitimate before remitting any payment.
4.    It is advisable to consult with the related authorities or certified and professional overseas business consultation providers before placing on-line orders to avoid such a scam.

For detailed information, the Consulate can be contacted at:

 Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia

West Yan'an Road 2299, Shanghai, PRC

Tel. (+86 21) 52402321

Fax. (+86 21) 32565627