Darmasiswa RI program is a scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government to foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia. DARMASISWA is a non-degree scholarship program to study Bahasa Indonesia, arts, music, crafts and particular subject in 59 selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions in different cities in Indonesia. The candidate is allowed to select the higher institutions (universities) which carry out the program. This program is organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

The main purpose of the Darmasiswa program is to increase and foster an interest in Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian culture among citizens from Republic of Korea and other countries. The program is designed to enhance a mutual understanding and offer a stronger cultural link among different countries. The number of international students participating in this program increases year by year, especially in the last five years.


1 (One) Year Program

The scholarship is one-year scholarship program offered to Korean students to study Bahasa Indonesia, Arts, Culinary and Tourism in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions.


1. Online Registration
    09 December 2016 – 25 February 2017

2. Interview by Indonesian Embassy in Seoul
     27 February 2017 – 10 March 2017

3. Selection by University (online)
     13 March 2017 – 28 March 2017

4. FinalAnnouncement : 14 April 2017

5. Estimated arrival at Jakarta Indonesia : The End of August 2017


The prospective students are required to register online and submit all documents toDarmasiswa RI official website http://apply.darmasiswa.kemdikbud.go.id. Students domicile not in their home country are not allowed to register through the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General in the countries of residence(non-citizenship).


  1. Preferably Student
  2. Completed secondary education or its equivalent
  3. Minimum age 17 years and not older than 35 years.
  4. Unmarried
  5. Able to communicate in English and additional Bahasa Indonesia(Proven by English Language Proficiency Certificate: TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or OTHER CERTIFICATE if applicable)
  6. In good health as proven by Medical Certificate
  7. Have basic knowledge of the field they are applying


1. Curriculum vitae/resume

2. Medical certificate

3. Passport valid at least 18 months from time of arrival in Indonesia (estimated arrival: 1st August 2017)

4. Recommendation Letter from Education Institution / Professional Institution on official letterhead and signature (in English)

5. Last academic transcript and certificates (in English)

6. Language certificate (if applicable)

7. Other certificates related to the field students apply (if applicable)

8. Writing essay about the purpose of study (in English or bahasa Indonesia maximum 500 words)


1. Students monthly stipend is divided into 2 groups of area: Area 1 Rp. 2.850.000,- (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, Manado), Area 2 Rp. 2.450.000,- (Aceh, Padang, Palembang,Purwokerto, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Malang, Samarinda)

2. Students will be provided with the accommodation and transportation during the Orientation Program if their arrival time is in accordance with the schedule arranged by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

3. Students will get the settlement allowance when attending the Orientation Program.

4. Students legal permit arrangement with the help of the host university will be supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

5. Students may seek assistance from host university in finding a rent house/room which is included in monthly stipend


1. Students must sign a statement letter provided by the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General.

2. Students are requested to inform the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture regarding date and time of arrivals to Indonesia for picking-up arrangement.

3. Students must arrive in Indonesia a day before the Orientation Program.

4. Students will be responsible for the accommodation arrangement and immigration expenses if their arrival time is not in accordance with the schedule arranged by Ministry of Education and Culture.

5. Students must follow the study until the end of the program.

6. Students must write a final report to the host university and Ministry of Education and Culture after finishing the study in Indonesia.


1. The scholarship granted to the participants conforms with the 12 month of study program.

2. If participants terminate their study in the university before the program ends,participants are only entitled to the allowance for the month they are to leave for their origin country.

3. The participants will receive their monthly allowance in the first week of each month providing that the participants meet the minimum attendance requirement of 75 % of the total class sessions in the previous month.

4. The participants will receive their monthly allowance providing that they remain in Indonesia during their academic period of study and academic holidays.

5. The participants must submit their original passport and other immigration documents upon their arrival in Indonesia to the host university for safekeeping. The participants will be provided with a copy of the documents and a statement of document safekeeping by the host university.


1. The Darmasiswa student is required to have a Social Visit Visa (VKSB) for 60 days issued by the Indonesian Embassy in the student's country of residence.

2. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the Darmasiswa student's passport has to be submitted to the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture, for necessary arrangements in obtaining recommendations of the State Secretariat and the Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

3. The students are prohibited to apply for Tourist Visa or On-Arrival Visa for study purpose.

Darmasiswa Scholarship Secretariat

Head of Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation

Secretariat General

Ministry of Education and Culture

C Building, 6th Floor

JalanJenderalSudirman, Senayan, Jakarta

Telp./Fax. (+62-21) 5724707, 5738181

Website: http://apply.darmasiswa.kemdikbud.go.id

email: darmasiswa_kln@yahoo.com


The Ministry of Education and Cultural does not provide the accommodation for students.


The Ministry of Education and Culture does not provide the return International airfare to Indonesia. The Ministry only provide the transportation from Jakarta to the place of study; but the transportation from the place of study to Jakarta will be borne by students.


The Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) will not provide health insurance; therefore the students are expected to have the International insurance.

Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture