Official Statement from of Ministry of Tourism Regarding Earthquake in Lombok


Official Statement of Ministry of Tourism 

Jakarta, 29 July 2018 – In regard with the 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, today 29th of July 2018, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia would like to extend our deepest condolences for the victims. Our crisis management keeps monitoring the update on the situation and coordinating with the local government and ground handler to make sure that all tourists impacted by the quake are well-taken care of. 

The earthquake did not trigger tsunami, but we encourage tourists to stay alert, follow government instruction, and always update themselves with information only from official social media or website of Indonesian government. 

Mount Rinjani is temporarily closed for hiking, yet other tourist destinations are ready to welcome visitors and Lombok International Airport in Central Lombok operates normally. Please refer to our website to check the current events on the island.
Contact Person at Ministry of Tourism 
Guntur Sakti Director of Public Communication Phone +62 8127024856 Email: 
Dessy Ruhati Deputy Director for Tourism Crisis Management Phone: +62 81221702739 Email: 

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