Indonesian Community’s Appreciation to Korea expressed in Kamsahamnida Korea! 2015

​On Sunday, May 17, 2015, Indonesian Student Association in Korea (Perpika) organized an event called Kamsahamnida Korea! 2015. This event was an Indonesian Community’s appreciation to Korea for the welcome and help provided by the Korean community including scholarships received by the Indonesian students. The event consisted of traditional dance performances, talkshow with Indonesianists from Korea dan bazaar promoting Indonesia, one of which tourism promotion stand by Indonesian Embassy.

The event, held in Children’s Grand Park in Seoul, attended and opened by the Indonesian Ambassador H.E. John A. Prasetio. There were many Koreans visited Kamsahamnida Korea! 2015. This was due to, other then it was held in the middle of park, also because it was held on Sunday where many Koreans usually visit the park with the children. The cheerfulness and enthusiasm were all over the place and hopefully this event will strengthen the friendship between the two nations.
In the event, there were photo booth stand and introduction to Indonesian traditional games which were enjoyed by the children. Also, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) provided free Indonesian coffee. Indonesian traditional dance performances, especially Reog Ponorogo peformed by Indonesian migrant workers, attracted many visitors. The event was completed by Poco-poco dance where all of the visitors were asked to dance along.