Indonesia and Korea to further enhancing bilateral relation

​​On April 8, 2015, Indonesian Ambassador, John. A. Prasetio, accompanied by Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Counsellor from the Embassy, met with the Korean Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Hwang Woo-Yea who was accompanied Ministry of Education’s Director General for Social Paolicy Mr. Kidong Song, MOFA’s Mr. Ryu Jeong-hyun and Director for International Education Cooperation Division Ms. Park Jiyoung. The meeting was intended to enhance the bilateral relations and cooperation between Indonesia and Korea.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed a warm regard from President Jokowi to President Park Geun-Hye and the Deputy Prime Minister and wishing the further strengthen the cordial bilateral cooperation between the countries. With the significantly growing cooperation in economy, investment. trade and tourism, Republic of Korea is an important partner to Indonesia.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that Indonesia is an extremely important country due to the vast territory therefore there are many potential for bilateral cooperation yet to be discovered. He also stated that the importance of enhancing the cooperation between young generation, on education and culture. Later on, the Deputy Prime Minister conveyed his plan to attend the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian African Conference and the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP), KTT AA dan PTM AA, in April 2015.

The economic, trade, investment and tourism tie between Indonesia and Republic of Korea is quite significant. In  2014, the trade value in total was about 23.7 billons dollars, 11.4 billons dollars was the Indonesian export value and 12.3 billons dollars was the import value. There were 126.95 million dollar worth of investment in 2014 in Indonesia from Korean investors. Also in 2014 there were 328.122 Koreans travelled to Indonesia for leisure.
There are also on-going government’s projects to be done in Indonesia which involve Korean companies, i.e. CNG Package Project worth US$ 5-6 billions, Sumsel-6 Mine Mouth Coal-fired project 600 MW worth US$ 1.02 billions, Batam-Bintan Bridge worth US$334 million, Agro-based Multi Industry Cluster project worth US$11 million, Bengkulu-Muara Enim Train Railway and Port project worth US$3,3 billions, Pilot Project for the Ciliwung River Restoration worth US$9 million sewage treatment facility development, educational centre and eco-friendly facility.