Indonesia’s Envoy in Seoul Granted the 2018 Best Ambassador Award

​Another good news from South Korea. This time come from the Chief of Indonesian Embassy in South Korea, Ambassador Umar Hadi. The hard work done since his assignment in South Korea last year has earned him “the 2018 Best Ambassador Award” in a ceremony held at the South Korean Parliament Building (National Assembly) in Seoul on Thursday (21/6).

Ambassador Umar Hadi presented his letter of credence to President Moon Jae-in on July 18, 2017. Few months later, on November 9 and 10, 2017, President Moon Jae-in paid a state visit to Indonesia, the first bilateral state visit he made to another country. During the visit, President Moon and President Joko Widodo agreed to elevate the status of relationship between the two countries into a 'Special Strategic Partnership'. Also in Jakarta, President Moon announced his ‘New Southern Policy' that underscores his government’s efforts to improve relations with Indonesia and other ASEAN countries.

“The 2018 Best Ambassador Award” recognizes the activities of Ambassador Umar in promoting relations between Indonesia and South Korea.

His persistent efforts in campaining for protection and empowerment for the 36,000 Indonesian migrant workers in South Korea, including their health and safety in workplace, have been particularty noted by the award’s selection committee.

"The various activities undertaken by Ambassador Umar Hadi is a paragon for other ambassadors residing in South Korea, especially those sending migrant workers here," said Mr. Yeo Hong-Il, one of the members of the award’s selection committee.

The award’s selection committee also recognized Ambassador Umar's efforts in enhancing 'business-to-business' relations, which have significantly increased the number of Indonesian-South Korean joint ventures. The establishment of various joint ventures has contributed significantly to the increase of South Korean investment in Indonesia, which in the first quarter of 2018 has entered the top three countries with largest FDIs in Indonesia.

Ambassador Umar Hadi has also been recognized for his tireless efforts in promoting trade between South Korea and Indonesia. He continues to push Indonesian exports by introducing new products to Korean market especially processed foods and beverages, furniture and wood products, as well as creative industry products. South Korea's flagship products have also been introduced to Indonesian market, for example through the K-healthcare concept.

In accepting the award, Ambassador Umar Hadi recognizes the hard work of his staff at the Embassy of Indonesia in Seoul. "I dedicate this award to all staff members of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul who have worked very hard and made the Embassy works efficiently and effectively, and strives to provide the best services,” he said. The former Consul General of Indonesia in Los Angeles, USA, also said that the award will encourage himself and all his staff members to constantly improve the performance of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul.

"I am also grateful that an influential media organization in South Korea has recognized the performance of the Indonesian Embassy, which Insha Allah also means greater recognition by the various South Korean stakeholders to Indonesia as an important partner,” said Umar.

“The Best Ambassador Award” is one of the categories of awards entitled "Korea First, World Best Awards" held annually since 2009.

"Korea First, World Best Awards" is an awards event organized by NDNnews in collaboration with SeoulCity Magazine and Korea Culture Ambassador Friendship Association. NDNews is an online news portal established in 2008. While SeoulCity monthly magazine explores various development issues in various cities in South Korea and in the region with the main focus on various matters relating to government administration and public policy.

"Korea first, World best Awards" is an award given through rigorous selection process by an independent team, whose assessment is based on various criteria that include contributions of public officials, organization leaders and companies in South Korea’s development and the promotion of South Korea’s relations with friendly countries. The credibility of this award is acknowledged by the South Korean people and Government so that the award is held in a highly prestigious place, the South Korean Parliament Building.