Vice President of the Republic of Srpska Enes Suljkanovic met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia


?At the meeting, Vice President Suljkanovic presented the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a perfect place to invest in a variety of capacities, especially in agriculture and resource utilisation of clean water. If you take that Indonesia is among the top 20 industrial nations of the world, a member of the G20, then the cooperation with this country could contribute to the development of our country and improving the quality of life of residents across the country BiH.

Ambassador of Indonesia approved the efforts of Vice President Suljkanovic to help the common man and to attract investors to invest in local communities. He invited the Vice President to attend the fair in Jakarta, which will be held on 17.10.2012., where he could present the potentials of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus attract potential investors, which in the opinion of the Ambassador, has a large number.  

They also talked about the cultural cooperation as well as exchange students who would contribute to better familiarising between our two countries.