BANJA LUKA, 27th SEPTEMBER 2012 /SRNA/ - Today Vice President of the Republic of Srpska Enes Suljkanovic arranged with the Ambassador of Indonesia in BiH Subijaksono Sujono a realization of direct contacts between the businessmen of the Republic of Srpska and Indonesia, because it is a market of 600 million people that is interested in any cooperation.


At a press conference in Banja Luka, after the meeting, Suljkanovic said that the cooperation could be achieved in the field of power sector and drinking water, and the creation of joint companies whose products would be competitive on the European market.


"Our cooperation can be extended to culture and tourism. Ambassador has promised us that the Indonesian businessmen will be proposed a meeting with Srpska businessmen on which the potential of Srpska will be presented" added Suljkanovic.

Indonesian Ambassador in BiH Subijaksono Sujono believes that we should work on improving cooperation between Srpska and Indonesia in all fields, particularly in the economic field.


"We are aware that our cooperation is really insignificant comparing to the potential that we have, and that so far contacts between our businessmen are at low level. My priority is to find a way of establishing direct contacts between our businessmen," Sujono added.

He pointed out that Indonesia is a big market whose entrepreneurs have poor knowledge of the economic climate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srspka.

"It is very important to organize a visit of the delegation of the Republic of Srpska to Indonesia and explain the business community of Indonesia what's economic climate in the Srpska and Bosnia," said Sujono, and pointed out that there are potentials for improving social cooperation as well as cooperation in the field of culture.

President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska - Borko Ðuric said that Srpska for the past six years has imported goods worth eight million euros from Indonesia, and has not exported anything.

"It is very important for us that a big country and the economy is interested in cooperating with us, and in what way and to what extent - bilateral meetings after our presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of the economy of Srpska and the interest of our potential partners in Indonesia," said Ðuric.

He added that Srpska has something to offer to Indonesia, especially that Republic of Srpska should be a place from which their products on the EU market will be distributed.