Dr. Denis Becirovic talked with a delegation of the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia


The Friendship Group President of the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia – Nudirman Munir mentioned that Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Indonesia have good relationships  that need to be concretized through bilateral agreements. Improvement of economic cooperation was particularly emphasized. 

Denis Becirovic said there are very friendly interstate relationships between Bosnia and Herzegovina  and the  Republic of Indonesia. Through a lot of concrete actions the Republic of Indonesia showed a true friendship towards our country.  The Republic of Indonesia participated in international peacekkeping troops, where also was the Indonesian general, the President of the Republic of Indonesia – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.  The Republic of Indonesia  also participated in the Assistance Mobilization Group to help Bosnia and Herzegovina (AMG) and financially supported the reconstruction of our country.

At the end of the meeting dr. Becirovic suggested some concrete ideas to improve the cooperation, such as:

-   speed up the negotiations on the conclusion of bilateral agreements, which are in the    process: Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation, protection and promotion of investments and other basic agreements in the economic sphere;

-  propose to consider the possibility of concluding agreements on legal assistance in civil, commercial and criminal matters between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Indonesia;

-  initiate an idea of ??the realization of the agreement on cooperation in the fields of health, considering the fact that the Ministry of Civil Affairs is ready, together with the relevant entity ministries, to  run conclusion of an agreement that would allow good cooperation in this field;

- a more active engagement in the implementation of the Agreement on the promotion and protection of investments, according to the Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH with a colleague from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, during the bilateral meeting in Bali on 9th December,  2011.