?Archbishop Metropolitan Vrhbosnia Cardinal Vinko Puljic, on 21 September received an inaugural visit the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to BiH Mr. Subijaksono Sujono.

Thanking the meeting, Ambassador Sujono said that he is the first resident ambassador of Indonesia in BiH, and the Cardinal Puljic introduced that these two countries have good political relations, and in the future they would work to strengthen mutual cooperation. Indonesia has also been demonstrated in its multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic by Ambassador and he emphasized the importance of dialogue for society.

Cardinal Puljic was briefed the Ambassador Sujono of wartime past in BiH which had heavy consequences for the Catholic Church. He said that the Dayton Agreement caused numerous difficulties because it did not bring emancipation among the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He consider that, despite such a reality, the Church and the religious communities must seek a way to coexist, and they are trying, among other ways, through the work of the Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With joy he mentioned that he regularly gets congratulations for the feast of Christmas from a group of students from Indonesia, which he met on the occasion of a journey at the airport. After he thanked and for visiting and wished to Ambassador a successful diplomatic mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cardinal Puljic gave Ambassador Sujono the book published by the Episcopal Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina in English with the title: "The Pastoral missives, statements and appeals from Bishop of Bishop’s Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1997.-2009.) "where there is a proposal of Bishop BK BiH for socio-legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Bosnia and Herzegovina - a source of instabilities and threats to peace or a future member of the EU" from 29 October 2005. The Ambassador Sujono gave the Cardinal Puljic the National emblem of Indonesia.