Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia visited the FCL


The object of this visit was discussion with Mayor of Lukavac Dževad Mujkic and representatives of FCL about the plans and activities which will be performed at the fair "Trade Expo Indonesia" which will be held in Indonesia from 17th to 21st October.

Among other things, they discussed the potentials of the Municipality of Lukavac, with special emphasis, during this meeting, was placed on building a new production of drinking water and kindergarten in Lukavac with regard to continue to seek investors.

At the meeting, they also discussed the future plans of cooperation as well as the ways to improve business relations between Indonesia and our country.

We also remind that the first resident ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to BiH Subijaksono Sujono visited Lukavac on the occasion of his country's participation in the 10th Tourism Fair "List", which was held in May. Even then, it started a cooperation between Indonesia and our municipality, first of all in tourism and after last week visit of ambassador to  FCL, it is expected that this cooperation will continue and expand to other areas.