? His Excellency : Ambassador Jose Miguel de la Cruz, Director Asia Pacifico, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile and Mrs. Inez Jose de la Cruz ? Her Excellency : Ambassador Maria Consuelo Puyat-Reyes of the Republic of the Philippines. ? Her Excellency : Ambassador HA THI NGOC HA of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam ? His Excellency : Ambassador Geneson Sivagurunathan of Malaysia and Mrs. Gowri Kirubamoorthy ? The Honorable Mr. Sathana Kashemsanta, Charge d´Affairs of the Embassy of Thailand and Mrs. Geraldine Chin Su-Lin ? Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen I am very delighted to welcome you all here and very greatful for your participation joining us in this momentous event that we have as members of ASEAN countries in Santiago. Today, the second time that we are celebrating ASEAN Anniversary together. Inspired by ASEAN Theme ¨Öne Vision, One Identity and One Community¨, we are getting much closer in our bond to be ASEAN family in any aspects, politics and security, economy and socio-culture by 2015. All our countries leaders are working harder to achieve ASEAN Community beyond 2015 that will be integrated, connected, people-centered and rules-based region and also prosperous ASEAN. To achieve this goals, Cambodia as 2012 ASEAN Chair have launched the theme of ASEAN Öne Community, One Destiny, where ASEAN people and all stakeholders are encouraged in the process of the community-building based on the Roadmap for an ASEAN Community 2009-2015. As one of the most remarkably divergent groups of states, ASEAN has enjoyed a mixed institutional experience and has developed into a mature, credible and trustworthy regional organization. ASEAN has made achievements since its advent. In the political area, since the establishment of the Treaty of Amity and Friendship in 1976, ASEAN has played significant roles and internationally recognized in managing peace and security in the region through cooperation and dialogue. ASEAN has i.e, the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) to discuss the security issue in the regions of SouthEast Asia and East Asia and backed by established ASEAN Defence Minister Meeting Plus. In the framework of regional architecture building, Russian Federation and the United States has become member of EAS and participated in the 6th EAS in Bali November last year. Their participation has created dynamic equilibrium in the region together with other existed key players – China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, ASEAN countries, Australia. They are playing significant roles in strengthening EAS mechanism with regard to global challenges and issues pertinent to the ASEAN and East Asia regions. In the democratic process, ASEAN and the world have witnessed the political and democratic transform in Myanmar. ASEAN has made decision that Myanmar would assume responsibilities of ASEAN Chair for 2014. In regard of human right, ASEAN has established ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Right. In economic cooperation, the achievement gained was i.e the signing of ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve by ASEAN Minister of Agricultures in order to ensure food security in the region, the adoption of Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity to ensure the better flow of goods and investment and to make ASEAN more competitive in the global economy. ASEAN also is pursuing the acceleration of economic growth by the adoption of the ASEAN Frameworks for Equitable Economic Development. In Socio-culture, ASEAN promote the caring societies and people-centered in regard to human aspects by establishing ASEAN Coordinating Center for Humanitarian Assiatance on Disaster Management. ASEAN also has revived dialogue between Heads of States/Government with Civil Society Organization. Other cooperations have been established in order to get closer to its people such as youths and sport, protection of women and children rights as well as migrant rights, preventive action on contagious desease and maintaining diverse ASEAN people identities. As said in the Chairman´s Statement of the 20th ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh, 3-4 April 2012 in the framework of 45th ASEAN Anniversary, that ASEAN has come a long way in overcoming many challenges and has achieved much based on ASEAN´s fundamental principles, such as mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity of all nations. ASEAN committed to build upon those achievements in working towards an ASEAN Community by 2015 and to ensure that the regional architecture and environment remain conducive to development. Before I conclude this remarks, I would like to deliver my greatest gratitudes to your participation and I would like to invite you all to taste the gastronomy of ASEAN countries which we have served in the next room. Thank you, viva ASEAN, viva Chile Santiago, August 2012