Working Visit by the Commissioner of Information (KIP) to Santiago, Chile, 21-23 of April 2015



The 9th International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) was held at the Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile on the 21-23 April 2015. The conference was attended by Commissioners from 40 countries, where the Indonesian Delegation consisted of the Head of KIP Abdulhamid Dipopramono, Vice Head John Fresly and Institutional Relations Evy Trisulo. The meeting is held every two years and was last held in Berlin, Germany on the 18-20 of September 2013.
The meeting focused on discussing issues and exchange of information regarding policy and good practices related to information transparency in member countries, at the same time the meeting discussed ways on strengthening cooperation and establishing networks. The meeting was officially opened by the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on the 21th of April 2015. In her opening remarks, President Bachelet conveyed the conditions of information transparency in Chile and underscored that it is important for the Government of Chile to apply transparency in order to avoid corruption practices.
The Meeting highlighted important issues, among others, the following:
a.    The meeting agreed to establish a Joint Secretariat consisting of member states from Canada, Indonesia, Scotland, Chile and Mexico;
b.   To encourage mediation as the primary method of dispute settlements;
c.     Encourage the establishment of fix models and methods in order to implement access of public information;
d.   To establish a network to share information regarding dispute settlement cases;
e.    The meeting agreed the Resolution of the 9th International Conference of Information Commissioners, ICIC 2015 Santiago de Chile and:
f.     The meeting agreed that Indonesian will host the 10th International Conference on Information Commissioners in Bali in the year 2017.
Seperately, on the 23rd of April 2015 taken place at the Wisma Duta Indonesia an event was held between the Indonesian Commissioners KIP and the Indonesian Embassy with the Indonesian Society. During the event, the Head of KIP conveyed information regarding the results of the 9th ICIC in Santiago, Chile and Indonesia’s plan to host the 10th ICIC in Bali in two years’ time. In this regards, the Indonesian Ambassador provided a general overview on the conditions of information transparency in Chile. The event concluded by a dinner and talks.