Visiting The Republic of Indonesia Primary School/Escuela de la Republica de Indonesia No. 587 in Lo Espejo, Santiago



?On the 19th of March 2015, the Indonesian Ambassador in Santiago together with the Information, Social and Cultural Affairs Staff of the Embassy visited for the first time since arriving in Chile the Escuela de la Republica de Indonesia No. 587 which is located on the outskirts of the city of Santiago, Lo Espejo. The school was established on the 18th of October 1972 by the name of Escuela No. 123/Sekolah No. 123, nevertheless in the year 1995 the school adopted the name Republica de Indonesia No. 587 Lo Espejo.

At present, Escuela de la Republica de Indonesia has a round 310 students which are divided into 14 classes. On a yearly basis, the Head of the School, teachers and students participate at the Ceremony of the Indonesian Independence Celebrations by singing the Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya. On the other hand, the Indonesian Embassy actively participates and assists in different activities held by the school including the Annual Celebrations of the School Establishment held every October.
During the meeting with the Head of the School, Virginia Tobar, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed Indonesia’s commitment to strengthen the cooperation that has been established so far. Moreover, the Ambassador proposed that there should be special programs regarding Indonesia, where the Embassy Staff and Indonesian Citizens here in Chile can provide classes/materials about Indonesia. In the occasion, the Ambassador delivered books regarding the 50th Anniversary of Indonesia-Chile relations, the Embassy 2015 Calendar and Tourism Browsers.
This year, the Primary Lo Espejo School will participate in the Annual Celebrations Ceremony of Indonesia’s 70th Independence.