The Rhythm and Sound of Angklung Shocked Chile


The performance of Rumah Angklung Indonesia during the event entitled A Night of Indonesian Culture, received a warm applause from the guest who filled the Teatro de Carabineros on Thrusday the 8th of October 2015. The audience was treated to national Indonesian songs such as Bengawan Solo or Mojang Priangan, in the meantime popular latin songs such as Besame Mucho and Corazon Espinado managed to amaze and enlighten the atmosphere in a theater with a capacity of around 650 seats. The rhythm and sound of bamboo accompanied by the soft and melodious voice of the singer successfully shocked the main room of the Teatro de Carabineros.

This event themed A Night of Angklung, was organized through a collaboration between the Indonesian Embassy and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, The Cultural Center of the National Police of Chile Carabineros de Chile and Rumah Angklung Indonesia. The presentation was one of the cultural missions of Indonesia to increase awareness and interest of the Chilean public towards Indonesia and its culture.

The guest present during the event consisted of high level officials, officials from the National Police of Chile, Ambassadors of diplomatic missions, International Organizations, entrepreneurs, academics, students and Indonesian Citizens in Chile. They were all amazed when Rumah Angklung Indonesia was able to play using the angklung the National Anthem of Chile fluently.

In his opening remarks, the Indonesian Ambassador, Philemon Arobaya, expressed that this event coincided with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Chile. The relationship has been good and based on values of friendship and strong cooperation, not just on a governmental level but also people-to-people relations. Moreover, it was conveyed that Indonesia is proud of having angklung as one of its traditional instruments and will continue to preserve it.

In the meantime, Colonel Manuel Sepulveda Perez from the Cultural Center of the National Police of Chile Carabineros de Chile considers that relations between Indonesia and Chile continue to strive. This is reflected by a wide range of agreements and cooperation between the two parties.

During the performance, the audience showed enthusiasm in listening to the performance of Rumah Anklung Indonesia. The audience gave continuous applause to every song performed. The excitement did not end there, the audience spirit were further lifted during the interactive session. Beforehand, people rushed to get an angklung instrument handed over by the organizers. Instructions by Kiki Ridzki Irwandi were seriously but cheerfully followed by the audience. Rumah Angklung Indonesia ended the performance by a rendition of Besame Mucho that was performed together with the audience.

The angklung group consisted of Mohama Burhan (angklung melody), Sarifudin (arumba melody), Alin Cristelysa Pontoh (vocalist), Anisyah Linda Sartika (arumba), Aldian Kurniawan (percussion) and Kiki Ridzki Irwandi (angklung interactive).

Furthermore, when the curtains were beginning to close, surprisingly there was a roar of we want more from the audience that was heard quite load in the theater. The request was fulfilled by Rumah Anklung Indonesia by playing one more song and at the end was greeted by a standing applause.

Indonesia can be proud of the event, because not only did the performance leave a positive image nevertheless traditional Indonesian food was also appreciated for its taste and diversity in its presentation.

Rumah Angklung Indonesia Performed at the Feria de las Naciones Festival, Penaflor 9-11 October 2015

Indonesia contributed to enliven the atmosphere at the International Festival, Feria de las Naciones, held in Malloco, Penaflor (about 33 km from the Capital, Santiago). As it is known, Feria de las Naciones is a culinary and cultural festival held every year during the month of October.

Continuing its success at the Teatro de Carabineros, Indonesian angklung continued to shock in Chile. During three consecutive days from the 9 to the 11 of October 2015, the sounds and vibrations of the bamboo stick of angklung thundered across the corners of the Festival.

Performing in front of thousands of people and wearing the traditional Indonesia Batik, Rumah Angklung Indonesia impressed the audiences by performing traditional Indonesian songs such as Yamko Rambe Yamko, Rujak Uleg and Terajana, combined with songs familiar to the Latin ear such as Como va and Quizas. During this song, many actually sang along with the vocalis, Alin Pontoh. The performance managed to attract the attention of the public who flooded close to the stage area and gave continuous recognition and applauses. On top of that, Rumah Angklung Indonesia performed using the angklung the National Anthem of Chile Himno National de Chile. Every one appreciated this by standing up and singing the Anthem.

Furthermore, shouts of Bravo and Viva Chile – Viva Indonesia can be heard at the end of every performance during three days.

The Indonesian Ambassador expressed that the cultural mission of angklung is considered to be a mean of effective diplomacy in order to increase awareness of the Chilean public towards Indonesia. Besides the cultural mission, the Ambassador also conveyed that this year Indonesia promoted its traditional food at the Festival Feria de las Naciones. During the event, the Indonesian stall was flooded by visitors who bought and tested Indonesian food such as sate, bihun, bakwan goring and nasi goring.

Since participating in the Festival in 2011, Indonesia has always been appreciated and acknowledge for its culinary and cultural mission.