The Indonesian Ambassador Made a Visit to CNN Chile in Santiago



On the 10th of June 2015, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia made a working visit to CNN Chile in Santiago and met with CNN Chile CEO, Rolando Santos. Besides making a Courtesy Call, the visit was intended to develop cooperation and strengthen networking between the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago with the Chilean national media.

As it is known, CNN Chile was first launched in 2008 and is the first branch station located in South America. CNN Chile operates in Chile thanks to a cooperation agreement between CNN Center Turner Broadcasting (Time Warner) with one of Chile’s well-known companies VTR. Both companies are equal partners.
During the meeting with Rolando Santos, the Indonesian Ambassador gave a general overview of diplomatic relations between Chile and Indonesia in the political, economic and social cultural fields. In relation to the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries this year, there is a need to further extend and increase Chile and Indonesia’s diplomatic profile. CNN Chile, as one of the most important media televisions in the world plays an important part in shaping public opinion and increasing awareness about Indonesia in Chile and vice versa.
On the other hand, CNN Chile CEO Rolando Santos expressed that there are untapped areas in the cooperation between Indonesia and Chile. He regrets that the Chile and Indonesia cooperation profile does not reflect its true potentials, especially among the general public here in Chile. Related to this, CNN Chile commits in establishing cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy here in Santiago to strengthen awareness and knowledge about Indonesia in Chile.