Seminar “Indonesia Update 2015”



?On June 5th, 2015, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, with the cooperation of Instituto de Chile, held a seminar titled “Indonesia Update 2015”, whose main lecturer was the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Santiago, Mr. Philemon Arobaya. Other lecturers were Mr. Emiliano Huenumil, representing the Chilean company JARSA S.A. and Mr. Diego Torres, from DIRECON (General Directorate of International Economic Relations), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. The Seminar was opened by the Chairman of Instituto de Chile, Dr. Rodolfo Armas Merino.

As lecturer, the Ambassador briefly referred to his personal experience in relation to Indonesia, which included the fields of population, economic growth, religious and cultural multiplicity and other subjects.
The second lecturer, Mr. Emiliano Huenumil, communicated his personal experience doing business with Indonesian businessmen. JARSA S.A. imported Indonesian products after a visit to TEI (TRADE EXPO INDONESIA) 2014.
The third lecturer was Mr. Diego Torres, from DIRECON. In his presentation, Mr. Torres referred to the negotiations to achieve Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with ASEAN countries: with Malaysia, this was subscribed in 2012; with Vietnam, in 2014; with Indonesia, the largest country in ASEAN, the negotiations were in process while the FTAs with Thailand and Vietnam were subscribed.
Mr. Diego Torres added that the Chilean Government considers that Indonesia is in a very strategic position, has the largest economy among the ASEAN countries and the negotiations with Indonesia are “key” for ASEAN countries.