Receiving The Visit of Cammon Indonesia at the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago


?On March 18, 2015, at the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago, a meeting was held between Cammon Indonesian and the Indonesian Ambassador and Staff. Cammon Indonesia consists of three Chilean youths who have visited Indonesia in 2013 to conduct a six months promotional video about Indonesian tourism. The visit was organized by a joint cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago, Garuda Indonesia with the local Governments of East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Flores/East Nusa Tenggara and Wakatobi/North Sulawesi.

The meeting with the Ambassador was attended by Nicolás Parcha/Telecommunications Operator, Diego Gaggero/ Chef and Piere Nino Dall'Osso Canepa. During the meeting, Nicolás Parcha informed the Ambassador that the first season of the promotional video, which consists of 8 episodes, lasting between 8 to 10 minutes, has been launched as a mini-series on the internet. He further added that the second season will be launched in the nearby future. Additionally, Nicolás Parcha hoped that the promotional video can be aired on national television, nevertheless one of the main constraints faced by Indonesian Cammon is that the duration of the videos are too short to be aired on national television. The majority of TV Stations in Chile have a minimum duration requirement of 30 minutes.
The Indonesian Ambassador expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and Cammon Indonesian’s efforts in promoting not only Indonesia but also Chile. He further added that people-to-people contact raises awareness and bring people from both sides closer. In closing, the Indonesian Ambassador hoped that the second season can be aired soon.