Promoting Indonesian Culture and Food on the 12th of November 2015 at Colina, Chile

Accepting an invitation from the Colina Library La Biblioteca Centro Lector de Colina, the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago promoted its culture and food with the theme Indonesia and its Culture at the event room at the Colina Library on the 12th of November 2016.  In this regards, Colina is the capital of the Chacabuco region north of Santiago (30 minutes) and has a population of around 100,000 people.

The event was attended by 60 people consisting of Head of Missions, officials from the mayor's office in Santiago, officials from colina, representatives of the Chilean National Police Force and Military, students from schools in Colina, local media and the people of Colina. The Indonesian Ambassador to Chile and Mrs. Juliana Arobaya, Head of Information, Social and Culture Affairs and staff of the Embassy.

The event was held with the objective of implementing cultural diplomacy and to expand the knowledge of Chilean society towards Indonesia. Information regarding Indonesia in smaller cities are relatively low, resulting in the Embassy taking every opportunity to hold various cultural and food activities that are simple nevertheless interesting.

In his remarks, the Indonesian Ambassador expressed his highest appreciation to the Director of the Colina Library for its collaboration in organization this event. Besides that, the Ambassador also expressed that in accordance to the 50th Anniversary of Indonesia and Chile bilateral relations, therefore activities of people-to-people contacts needs to be strengthen, in terms of quality and also quantity. Furthermore, libraries are generally the window of information and places where people can enrich their education.

In the meantime, the Director of the Library, Carlos Diaz, expressed his appreciation to the Embassy and continued by providing an open invitation to the embassy to hold future events. With regards to the quality of education in Colina, Carlos Diaz informed that Colina is one of the region's that nationally has good quality of education.

With the objective increasing the source of information about Indonesia, the Ambassador of Indonesia donated a book to the library's collection. The books are related to 50 years of relations between Indonesia and also books about Indonesia food, culture and history.

During the event, the Indonesia Embassy presented 2 traditional Indonesian dance namely Jaipong (West Java) and Menur Dance (East Java). Both those dances were well received by the guests. In the meantime, the Embassy also provided traditional snacks such as lemper and semar mendem that were quickly finished.​