Night Riding and Presentation by Jeffrey Polnaja


?After spending almost two weeks exploring the unique and natural beauty of Chile, Jeffrey Polnaja or commonly known as Kang JJ was invited as guest of honor and speaker at the "Night Riding and Presentation by Jeffrey Polnaja" held on February 11, 2015 in Santiago. This event was organized by BMW Santiago in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago. The program was divided into two sessions: Night Riding Session and Presentation.

About 50 leading BMW Chilean Riders participated in the Night Riding Session; they came from different backgrounds such as businessman, fellow explorers and students. The type of BMW Motorcycle used varied from Endure, sport, tour to urban style, overall they were elegant models and equipped with powerful engines. Led by Jeffrey Polnaja, the motorcycle convoy started from the La Dehesa BMW Dealer and completed a 40 km pre-determined route. They travelled at a relatively safe speed, carried out in a relaxed atmosphere with a strong sense of brotherhood. The group completed its ride at the Fugon del Lenador Restaurant, located on the outskirts of Santiago.
The program continued at the Restaurant’s Event Hall where Jeffrey Polnaja made a presentation, also present at this event was the Indonesian Ambassador and Mrs. Juliana Santiago Arobaya, Representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago and BMW.
Before the presentation, the Ambassador of Indonesia made some remarks and expressed his appreciation to BMW Chile for the kind attention and cooperation provided. In addition, The Ambassador also emphasized the importance of holding these types of events in order to enhance people - to - people contacts, therefore 50 years of bilateral relations between Indonesia - Chile can continue to strengthen. In closing, The Ambassador also expressed his deep appreciation to Jeffrey Polnaja for his efforts in promoting Indonesia.
Afterwards, Jeffrey Polnaja made his presentation and began by showing a 20-minute self-made video. Jeffrey Polnaja continued by making his presentation that featured a variety of unique footage of what was seen, felt and heard during his journey for Ride for Peace. In particular Kang JJ highlighted the beauty and natural uniqueness of Chile. In the southern parts of Chile, for example, Patagonia offers a spectacular view of the ice field. Meanwhile, the northern part or Atacama is prominent for its dry lands and is nicknamed the Valle de la Muerte/Valley of death. All sorts of communications do not function in these parts of the Chile.