Nameplate Handing Over Ceremony, 7th of May 2015


?In order to strengthen cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago and the Primary Indonesian School Escuela RI Lo Espejo, and considering the absence of a School nameplate, the Indonesian Embassy provided assistance to the School by making a nameplate.

On the 7th of May 2015, a nameplate handing over ceremony from the Indonesian Ambassador in Santiago to the Head of the School, Virginia Tobar was held. The ceremony was also assisted by the Head of DWP Santiago, Information, Social and Cultural Affairs Staff, Economic Affairs Staff, Head and Vice Head of ITPC Santiago, Members of DWP Santiago, Teachers and Students representing the School Escuela RI Lo Espejo.
The event commenced by the singing of the Chilean National Anthem and the Indonesian National Anthem Indonesia Raya. Related to this, the students sang the Indonesian Anthem with full of enthusiasm.
The event continued by remarks by the Indonesian Ambassador in Santiago and the Head of the School. In his opening remarks the Indonesian Ambassador expressed his deep appreciation for the cooperation that has been well established during the years. Moreover, he also conveyed that the school nameplate symbolizes the Indonesian Government’s commitment in strengthening the relations between Indonesia and Chile especially in the fields of education, science, people-to-people contacts and other fields that are believed to be relevant. In the meantime, the Head of the School Escuela RI Lo Espejo expressed her appreciation for the attention and cooperation provided by the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago. An open invitation was also provided by the school to the Indonesian Embassy in order to hold events that will increase interaction and knowledge between the two countries.