Meeting with Indonesian Citizens in Antofagasta



In the effort to increase consular and protection services to Indonesian Citizens in Chile, the Indonesian Embassy based in Santiago organized an Information Dissemination and Face-to-face Meeting with Indonesian Citizens in Antofagasta. The event was held on the 14th of May 2015 at the Spark Hotel in Antofagasta and was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador and the Information, Social and Culture Staff together with seven Indonesian Citizens working for the Dutch company Jes Pipeline Ltd that is currently based in Chile.
In his opening remarks, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed that these types of events are one of the main priority functions of the Embassy in order to provide consular and protection services to Indonesian Citizens in Chile. Moreover, these types of events are beneficial in improving and strengthening communication between the Indonesian Embassy and Indonesian Citizens in Antofagasta.
Important information regarding consular affairs that were conveyed among others was the obligation for Indonesian Citizens to inform the Embassy of one’s stay in Chile, to be aware of passport expiry dates, to always be aware of possible provocations from certain people/groups, raise awareness regarding the danger of natural disasters and in the case of emergencies and need of assistant to immediately contact the Embassy.
Meanwhile a representative of Indonesian Citizens in Antofagasta expressed his deep appreciation to the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago for organization the aforementioned event. Furthermore, it was conveyed that the seven Indonesians working in Antofagasta are professional workers for the Jes Pipeline Ltd from the Netherlands and that they have a working contract until the 2016.
Besides that, he informed that the working conditions in Chile are up to standard, where the Chilean Government pays attention to issues related to work safety and security, medical insurance and the right to go on leave for three weeks that are given every three months. On top of that, quality control in Chile is also very good. Accommodation is also representative and employees from Indonesia are allowed to stay together.