Introducing Indonesian Culture to Students of the Chilean Diplomatic Academy Andres Bello Batch 2014 at the Indonesian Embassy Santiago, 9th of July 2015



In the effort to strengthen education cooperation between Indonesia and Chile, the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago received the visit of 17 students from the Chilean Diplomatic Academy Andres Bello Batch 2014 at the Event Hall of the Indonesian Embassy on the 9th of July 2015. This occasion was also attended by the Indonesian Desk Official of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mariana Koffman and an official from the Directorate of the Asia Pasific and also former Chilean Consul General in Melbourne, Australia Diego Velasco. The aforementioned event was also used to introduce Indonesian arts, culture, food and tourism.
The agenda for the event was as follow:
a.    Traditional Indonesian Dance Performance, Cendrawasih;
b.    Presentation by the Indonesian Ambassador titled An Overview of Indonesia. The presentation reflected the actual conditions of Indonesia in order to promote the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Chile, especially in the political, economic and cultural social fields;
c.    Short Presentation by Amigos of Indonesia/Friends of Indonesia in Chile;
d.    The Showing the Promotional Videos of Indonesia, Maravillosa Indonesia and;
e.    The Breaking of Fasting (Holy Month of Ramadan)
After the Cendrawasih performance, the Indonesian Ambassador in Santiago made a presentation titled An Overview of Indonesia. In his presentation, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed the following :
a.    Congratulated the Chilean People and the National Football Team of Chile for their success in winning the Copa America 2015 on the past 4th of July 2015;
b.    Welcome the visit made by the students of Andres Bello and support efforts to increase exposure regarding the cooperation between Indonesia and Chile. Besides that, the Ambassador also conveyed that similar events are important to increase interaction and dialog between the two countries. Through interaction and dialog, both parties can identify the potential of cooperation;
c.    With regards to the development democracy in Indonesia, it was expressed that Indonesia’s democracy is strong, especially with regards to Indonesia’s success in holding Presidential Elections in a good, fair and secure manner in the year 2014;
d.    Chile and Indonesia’s democracy share the same vision with regards to issues related to supremacy of law, freedom of expression/opinion, freedom of press, transparency and information openness and also with regards to the implementation of good governance and check and balances;
e.    The 7th Indonesian Presiden, Joko Widodo in his vision and mission has the determination to implement the teachings of Trisakti (ideology) where Indonesia is a nation that is sovereign politically, independent economically and has a strong personality culturally. In these terms and keeping with Indonesia’s free and active foreign policy, Indonesia’s diplomacy will be consistent in achieving the aforementioned vision;
f.     With regards to Indonesia and Chile bilateral cooperation, the Indonesian Ambassador conveyed that the cooperation is constantly strengthening. This year both countries will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Cooperation between the two countries. In this regards, the Indonesian Embassy plans to hold various cultural and commercial events;
g.    In the era of advanced technology and information also the easy access to cheap international flights, the distance between Indonesia and Chile shouldn’t be an impediment. Therefore, it is important for Indonesia and Chile to continue to dig deep in searching for potentials that are mutually beneficial for the people of both countries. On top of that, Indonesia and Chile have a Visa Exemption Agreement; this agreement should be the basis to increase the number of visitors to both countries.
Furthermore, Diego Velasco in his speech conveyed his highest appreciation and gratitude to the Indonesian Ambassador and the Indonesian Embassy for organizing a fruitful event and receiving the Andres Bello students. He also informed that in the history of diplomatic education at Andres Bello, this is the first time that Andres Bello students come and visit a foreign Embassy in Chile. Velasco also expressed that the objective of the visit was to promote Indonesia and its culture to the students of Andres Bello.
Additionally, Diego Velasco reminded the students of Andres Bello the importance of Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette in performing diplomacy with one’s counterpart. It was underlined that a diplomat has an obligation to take note of certain practices that form part of the tradition of other countries. Indonesia, for example, may have certain protocols and etiquette that are different to those practiced in Chile.
With regards to relations between Chile and Indonesia, Velasco expressed that the Government of Chile sees Indonesia as an important country, besides having a large population, being a democratic and economic sound country, Indonesia has influence in the region. Also, Indonesia is a world model of religious tolerance. With a diverse cultural and religious background, Indonesia can easily face discord. Nevertheless it is quite the opposite; diversity has become the basis of understanding and unity.
The event was followed by a presentation session by the Amigos of Indonesia. This forum acts as a means of interaction and networking among Chilean citizens who has had an experience in and with Indonesia or has certain attention towards Indonesia. As of now, this forum is integrated by friends of Indonesia from students and professionals.
The presentation and sharing of experiences session were done by Cristobal Gallardo, who was an apprentice at Semen Indonesia and continued by Nicolas Parcha and Diego Gaggero from Cammon Indonesia, young Chileans making promotional tourism video about Indonesia.
In his presentation, Gallardo expressed that his experience as an apprentice in Indonesia was very useful and valuable for the development of his career. In the future, Gallardo plans to establish a cooperation between the University of Chile with the Indonesian Embassy to increase the participation of Chilean students in Indonesian companies. Informally, Cristobal informed that there are various Chilean students who have enlisted to this program in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, Nicolas Parcha and Diego Gaggero gave a short background of how Cammon Indonesia was established. This project was made possible because of a cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy, the Regional Governments of Indonesia and Garuda Indonesia. Cammon Indonesia has produced 16 episodes of video regarding their journey and life in covering Indonesia tourism for 6 months.
The event ended with a breaking of fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan. This was also done in order to promote Indonesian delicacies such as bakso (meat balls), Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and Sate.