Attending the Closing Ceremony of the Carnival of Murgas and Comparsas



?By invitation of the Mayor of San Antonio Omar Vera Castro Alcande, The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia and Madam Juliana Arobaya attended the closing ceremony of the Carnival of Murgas and Comparsas 2015 in San Antonio on 15th of February 2015. The Carnival is an annual event that coincides with the summer holidays in Chile. In general, the Carnival is a competition of culture, creativity and used to promote tourism.

This year, the Carnival consisted of 12 groups consisting of 50 people each, around 30,000 people is estimated to have attended this event. On this occasion, each group presented the charm and beauty of the diverse cultural backgrounds from Chile and the world. The Carnival parade was accompanied by Latin music and atmosphere. Other than the Indonesian Embassy, present at this event was the representatives of the Embassy of Thailand, Argentina and Palestine.
The Indonesian Embassy has strong ties with the Municipal Government of San Antonio. In varies opportunities, the Indonesian Embassy participated in a cultural event as well as economic diplomacy.
During a meeting with the San Antonio Mayor, The Indonesian Ambassador expressed his appreciation for the invitation and at the same time hopes that the cooperation between the two parties can continue therefore the Indonesian Embassy can participate in other events in San Antonio.