Daftar Pejabat dan Staff



  • As economic advisory:

v     To provide information regarding business and market trends

v     To provide information regarding events and exhibitions in the US and in Indonesia

v     To provide information regarding US and Indonesia regulations in general, particularly in trade, investment, and other related issues on economic matters, for the government or private sectors use

        As a bridge:


v     To act as intermediary means or a middle man between the government of Indonesia and the US government, and vice versa

v     To link up private sectors in Indonesia with its counterparts in the US, and vice versa

v     To receive complaints* regarding discrepancies in any business arrangements/cases

v     To provide companionship and assistance for trade or business meetings held by government or private sectors.


        As representative:


v     To participate in meetings, conference, discussion, exhibition


v     To represent nationals before the tribunals and other authorities



        Other services:


v     Legalization of documents from institutions, usually for export-import related documents. Indonesian bound trades documents must be notarized by a public notary, which then its signature have to be validated by the Secretary of State. Indonesian Consulate General only validated the signature of Secretary of State.


v     Recommendation for business visa application requested by private sectors/individuals to visit Indonesia for business matters.

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