Indonesia is Hosting 2014 Bali Democracy Forum



?Known as most Muslim-populated country, Indonesia will be hosting Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) VII on 10 to 11 October 2014 at Bali International Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia, themed “Evolving Regional Democratic Architecture: the Dynamics of Political Development, Socio-Economic Progress and Public Participation in the Democratic Process”.  


Indonesia initiated BDF in 2008 for it believes that democracy is a key element in the promotion of peace and stability. The forum is inclusive and open, which has been designed to promote dialogue and cooperation in democracy toward good governance and political development. The noble aim can be achieved through sharing of experiences and best practices that adhere to the principles of equality, understanding and mutual respect.
BDF is an annual forum of foreign ministers from Asia-Pacific countries that are democratic or are aspiring to be more democratic. There have been various democratic patterns in political system in Asia and Pacific regions, and Indonesia is motivated to provide a forum to discuss their perspectives on democracy.
Leaders and participants of this year’s forum will discuss “Dynamics of Political Development and Socio-Economic Progress”, and “Promoting Active, Effective and Meaningful Public Participation in the Democratic Process” as the sub-themes.
Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco is inviting all media in Alaska, Idaho, North California, Oregon, and Washington State to cover Bali Democracy Forum VII in Bali. For those who are interested, they are invited to learn about the event and have an on-line registration through
For further information, please contact Consul for Information Affairs, F. Bernard Loesi, through