Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco at the Asian Celebration, Eugene, Oregon


The children were so excited to play angklung from the region of West Java. Most of them expressed amazement for the instrument that could produce such a unique sound peculiar to their ears.


Although held in the small town of Eugene, Oregon, thousands of visitors come to the Asian Celebration festival to enjoy not only the art and dance performances, but also to enjoy the food and to buy handicrafts from various countries in Asia


In addition to displaying information about the culture and tourism destination in Indonesia, the Consulate General also supports the traditional dance and Angklung performances by Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon (IPAO) led by Ms. Novi Leigh, Javanese gamelan performance by Sari Pandhawa led by Ken Jennings and Indonesian food prepared by Batavia's Nella Mirza.

Alluring the American tourists to come Indonesia for holiday as well as creating better understanding towards Indonesia are among the purposes of the Consulate General’s participation in this 2012 Asian Celebration