Gamelan Sekar Jaya Celebrated its 35th Years Anniversary

​Gamelan Sekar Jaya (GSJ) held a performance that marked the end of its 35th Anniversary Season, last May 1 2015 at Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco. GSJ tremendously demonstrated Indonesian Balinese traditional dance and music, where in some parts combined with Western new-music traditions particularly American minimalist music and its many offshoots.
Attended by around 500 viewers, GSJ impressed the audiences by presenting ”Pelangi (or Rainbow)” and ”Jaya Bakti” with gamelan jegog, Balinese gamelan music instrument indigeneous to Bali which is made of bamboo.
After showing perfect traditional musical composition, GSJ performed Balinese traditional dances ”Eka Sruti (One Interval)” and ”Teruna Jaya (Victorious Youth)”. The famous traditional ”Kecak” closed the breathtaking performance.
The artists composing the 35th GSJ Anniversary are I made Arnawa (GSJ Guest Music Director), Brian Baumbusch (Lightbulb ensemble Director, Founder and Composer), Emiko Susilo (GSJ Director and Guest Dance Director), Wayne Vitale (Lightbulp Ensemble Composer), Patty Ann Farrell (GSJ Lighting Design and Production Manager), Allen Willner (Lightbulb Ensemble Ligting Designer), and Ian Winters (Lightbulb Ensemble Media Artist).
GSJ’s music and dance range from traditional Balinese repertoire to cutting-edge compositions. The sixty plus member company of musicians and dancers of GSJ play on several sets of Balinese instruments, consisting of varius combinations of bronze-keyed metallophones, bamboo marimbas, gongs, drums, and flutes. GSJ is the only foreign group to ever receive the Dharma Kusuma, Bali’s highest award for artistic achievement. Formed in 1979, the orchestra has performed in various settings and venues, from the bustling village squares in Bali to the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.
Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco congratulates GSJ for having the impressive reputation throughout U.S and Indonesia, and wishes the best for its 35th years anniversary.