Limited Stay Visa


This kind of visa is given to foreigners who want to stay longer (maximum 2 years) in Indonesia for certain purposes as follows :

  1. Working as an expert or specialist;
  2. Working as a spiritual leader;
  3. Working in non-permanent construction project;
  4. Participating in education and training;
  5. Making film with special authorization from the related institutions;
  6. Doing an inspection, audit or quality control;
  7. Conducting scientific research;
  8. Joining the ship or vessel  of floating installation operating in the Indonesian waters; 
  9. Joining husband or wife holder of limited stay visa;
  10. Joining father or mother who is still Indonesian citizen;
  11. Joining father and/or mother whose limited stay permit or permanent stay permit for children under the age of 18 and not yet married;
  12. Marrying Indonesian citizen;
  13. Touristic visit for senior citizens;
  14. Investment;

    The Visa Procedures :
  1. The guarantor or sponsor apply visa at the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta.
  2. The sponsor makes payment (telex fee payment).
  3. If the visa application is approved, the sponsor will obtain a copy of visa approval letter and another copy will be sent to the Indonesian Embassies/Consulates abroad.
  4. The foreigner proceed to the Embassy/Consulate to get the visa issued.


  1. The foreigner submit visa application at the Indonesian Embassy in Rome.
  2. The foreigner makes payment.
  3. The Embassy forwards the visa application to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta for attaining approval.
  4. If granted, the Embassy will issue the visa.

The required documents :

  1. Completed visa application (Form Visa English Version 2018.pdf)
  2. Passport with validity of minimum 6 months upon arrival in Indonesia
  3. For those who are not citizens of Italy, Malta, Cyprus and San Marino, must attach valid residential permit
  4. Two current photos (4x6 cm)
  5. Copy of flight itinerary
  6. Copy of visa authorization approval from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta

Important notes :

1. The applicant   may come to   the Embassy   to submit  directly   the  passport  and  visa application or send them through respectful agent or post to the address below :

Consular Section of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome

Via Campania 55, 00187 Roma

2. The Embassy has the right to refuse  any visa  application  that  is considered doubtful, inaccurate or does not meet Indonesian laws.

3. Please be aware  that  when a  holder of  Limited  Stay Visa  arrives in  Indonesia,  he/she should report to the Immigration Office, maximum 30 (thirty) days from  the arrival date, to obtain a Limited Stay Permit Card, which is valid as a legitimate stay permit in Indonesia.