ABI: 500 million for companies that want to do business in Indonesia

Five hundred million euro  already earmarked by the banking sector to finance the import-export and investments of Italian companies wishing to operate in Indonesia. In so much - according to the estimate made ​​by ' ABI  - the ceiling made ​​available by the Italian banks to support the commercial and financial operations of the entrepreneurs in the greatest country in Southeast Asia with more than 240 million inhabitants. 
The data was presented Economic Forum held in Jakarta during the mission system organized by  banks, businesses and institutions , which was attended by Guido Rosa, the Chairman's Committee of the ABI.  

According to the Banking Association,  29% of the credit limit is already been used  to finance projects and business initiatives in the Indonesian market. "Over two-thirds, then - said Rosa - are still available to support new business activities in this area which, thanks to a major transition process, has overcome the repercussions of the financial crisis of '97 and now grows apace" . 

As for the Italian banks, some of the main groups  assist businesses  that want to invest in the local market thanks to the cooperation agreements concluded with the most important intermediaries in Indonesia. Other support its customers through the direct presence of foreign parent companies or through representative offices in the nearby Hong Kong.  
"Opportunities and size of the Indonesian market -  said Rosa  - leaves too much room to develop our presence in this great country. In this direction, it is important that the Government of Indonesia to continue with the gradual opening up of the local banking sector to foreign banks. "

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