Indonesia`s Investment Grade Interests Japanese Investors


?“The Japanese investors believed that the Indonesian economy is better than those of the Philippines and Vietnam,” head of BI`s public relations division Difi A Djohansyah said at the BI office in Jakarta, Wednesday.
But he added the investment grade status only recently obtained from two rating institutions, namely Moody`s Investors Service and  Fitch Ratings, did not automatically produced foreign funds in Indonesia.
“The investment grade status did not automatically increase foreign funds. But at least it increased our self-confidence,”  Difi said.
Difi said some other aspects have affected the interest of the Japanese investors, especially those improving the Indonesian economy.
“Specifically, the impact of Indonesia`s investment grade is still unknown. Still depending on the confidence of foreign investors to the global economic situation,” Difi said.
Difi added that the interest of the foreign investors is also dependent on the increasing Indonesian economic fundamentals which have now reached the level of the BRIC member countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China.)
“Actually prior to the global crisis, Indonesia already deserved to enjoy a investment grade status,” Difi said.
Source: ANTARA News
February 9, 2012