Forty Italian Fashion Students Compete in Batik Fashion Design



?The Batik, a traditional cloth Indonesia, designed with a dyeing technique that uses wax, was recognized by UNESCO in 2009 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Batik is known to the world over for its vibrant colors and rich diversity of patterns and motifs. Although native to Indonesia, the richness of batik’s motifs and pattern also reflect a variety of influences, ranging from Arabic calligraphy, European bouquets, Chinese and Japanese art to India and Persia.

This year, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Rome in collaboration with International Academy of Fashion and Art of Costume KOEFIA (KOEFIA Academy), invite third year students of this oldest fashion school in Italy, to take part in the batik fashion design competition. This competition is held as a centennial celebration of KOEFIA Academy as well as to promote Batik in Italy. Not less than 40 selected batik designs of the students of KOEFIA Academy will be assessed by the juries and will be displayed on March 7, 2013. The Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. August Parengkuan, will host the event and open his residence as the venue. A list of great names in the world of fashion and art both from Italy and Indonesia will take on the role in the event as jury of the competition.
Soon after the assessment stage, the students will be busy to put their designs into real with their own hands, as KOEFIA Academy’s tradition maintained over the years. The entire collection of batik fashion is scheduled to be exhibited in the upcoming June 2013. Through this project, the works of the students are expected to successfully create a collection of fashion which has its own unique character. A collection that combines the characters of high fashion European-style cut exclusively Italian, with the traditional ones of the East, and specifically Indonesia, through the history of the language of signs and symbols that can be found in the writing of fine fabrics and hand-dyed fabrics and made through the ancient technique of batik. ?This batik fashion design competition is an effort to continue to promote traditional Indonesian batik so as to engage a larger Italian society with Indonesian culture and to strengthen Italian-Indonesian relationship.
Source: The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Rome
February 26, 2013