Limited Stay Visa

Application Submission Time : Sunday-Thursday (08.00-12.00)

Processing time : Four working days after submission day

Visa Collection time : Sunday-Thursday (13.00-15.00)



  1. Completely filled and signed application form (Download: VISA APPLICATION FORM.pdf)
  2. Original and copy of Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  3. Recent color photograph size 4x6cm


Limited Stay Visa

  1. Approval Letter from the Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia
  2. Sponsorship Letter from the sponsor in Indonesia
  3. Bank Statement with minimum balance of USD 1.500 / Credit Card Valid throughout the stay with minimum limit SAR 6.000
  4. Copy of confirmed one-way airline ticket to Indonesia (with reservation code)
  5. Copy of valid ID card / Iqama
  6. Employer recommendation letter for the applicant and/or his/her family
  7. Valid Exit Re-entry Document (only for non-Saudi Citizen who wants to return to Saudi Arabia)
  8. Recommendation letter from related government institution in Indonesia (for working /investment/education/training, etc)​
  9. Copy of marriage certificate, family registration card, Indonesian ID card of spouse in Indonesia for unification with spouse (Indonesian Citizen) in Indonesia
  10. Copy of birth certificate, parents' marriage certificate, parent's Indonesian ID card/KITAS/KITAP/ and passport for unification with parents in Indonesia
  11. Document proofing that applicant was an Indonesian national/citizen, such as Indonesian ID card, family registration card, birth certificate or other document issued by Indonesian government for Repatriation of ex-Indonesian citizen