Indonesia – Morocco 50 Years of Friendship Relations



Indonesia – Morocco 50 Years of Friendship Relations


Indonesia – Morocco diplomatic relations started on April 19, 1960 when H.E. Nazir Pamontjak, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Philippines presented his credential letter to His Majesty King Mohammed V as the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Morocco and a special envoy for the preparation of the visit of the Indonesian President Soekarno to Morocco.


On May 2, 1960 President Soekarno arrived in Rabat-Sale and was received by His Majesty King Mohammed V. During his visit, King Mohammed V expected that President Soekarno’s visit could bring positive contribution in the cooperation of Asian and African countries. As the initiator of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955, President Soekarno has raised the awareness and spirit of all people around the world including the people of Morocco to free themselves from colonialism. President Soekarno is also known as a hero of the independence movement of the Islamic world and a leader in combating colonialism.


Nowadays, the friendship relation between Indonesia and Morocco has achieved some important results in the improvement of bilateral cooperation, settlement of regional issues and multilateral cooperation, as well as in the issues of climate change, environmental protection, human rights, transnational crime, human smuggling, money-laundering, drug trafficking and international terrorism.


H.E. Mr. Tosari Widjaja, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Morocco informs that Indonesia and Morocco share the same values to increase public consciousness and understanding of each other culture to reinforce the friendship between the two countries.


This year, the friendship relation between the two countries reaches its golden age. To commemorate this golden jubilee, H.E. Tosari Widjaja highlight to the people of Morocco, that the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia program in year 2010 will be related to the commemoration of the 50th years of Indonesia – Morocco diplomatic relationship. H.E. Tosari Widjaja also reiterates that the Embassy activities will be organized in the cooperation and involvement of the two nations.



Rabat, 19 April 2010