Indonesian booth won the Best II Award for the category of foreign participants at the 17th Kimilsungia Flower Festival.


17TH Kimilsungia Flower Festival was held in Pyongyang on April 13 to 20, 2015. The festival was enlivened by 80 booths featuring a series of more than 24 thousand Kimilsungia flower pots which are arranged and combined with a variety of other beautiful flowers.

The festival closed on April 20, 2015 at a ceremony held in the center of exhibition area and attended by Vice President of the Presidium HE. Mr. Yang Hyong Sop, Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK / member of the Politburo of the Presidium HE. Mr.  Choe Ryong Hae, Deputy Prime Minister HE. Mr. Kim Yong Jin, Chairman of the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Committee Mr. Kim Chang Do, Vice Chairman of the Korean Association in Japan Mr. Nam Sung U, Charge d'Affaires Ad Interim and staff of Indonesian Embassy in Pyongyang, as well as other invitees consists of representatives of the Korean People's Army, officials of ministries / agencies / institutions, model students and university students, representative of local and foreign participants.


In his closing remarks, HE. Mr. Kim Yong Jin as Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 17th Festival expressed great appreciation for the great attention and sincerity of all parties, both from Korea and foreign countries, as well as their participation in the Festival by displaying such a great works and most beautiful display of their booths in honoring the Kimilsungia Flowers. He added that not only the Korean people who rejoiced in celebrating the 50 Years of the Naming of Kimilsungia Flowers and Birthday of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, but the joy was shared by the whole world who celebrate this great day.


At the end of the ceremony Mr. Kim Chang Do announced  the winning booths in several categories, namely best government agencies booth, best design/performance booth, best foreign participant booth, best individuals booth, best institutions in Kimilsungia cultivation, as well as best campus and school in Kimilsungia cultivation. Mr. Kim Yong Jin delivered the certificates of appreciation for the winner.


For best design booth and foreign participant booth categories, the certificate of appreciation was read and delivered by the Vice President of the Presidium. Indonesian booth qualified for the Best II Award for the category of foreign participants booth and the award certificate submitted by the Vice President of the Presidium to the Charge d'Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in Pyongyang, Bambang Purwanto.


During the 17th Kimilsungia Flower Festival, the booth of Indonesian Embassy was designed with a big photo of Bogor Botanical Garden gate as backdrop and adorned with Balinese umbrellas in the right and left of its side. The historic photos when President Sukarno presented the Kimilsungia flowers to President Kim Il Sung in the Botanical Garden on 13 April 1965 which mounted between the gate in the backdrop became the icon of Indonesian booth. Meanwhile, the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of Kimilsungia Flower denoted by white numeral 50 with red and blue background which is a combination of colors of the flag of Indonesia and DPR of Korea.  70 stalks of Kimilsungia flowers were arranged nicely and harmonious described the 70th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence and 70th Anniversary of Korea's liberation from colonialism.


Pyongyang, 22 April 2015