On Brazillian Government Decision to Postpone Credentials ceremony for Indonesian Ambassador due to Bali nine related policy



  1.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia deeply regrets the action of the Government of Brazil to abruptly postpone the presentation of the credentials by the Ambassador-designate of Indonesia to Brazil, Mr. Toto Riyanto, after being formally invited to present his credentials at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace of Brazil at 9.00 AM (Brazillian time), 20 February 2015.
  2. The manner in which the Foreign Minister of Brazil suddenly informed the postponement of the presentation of credentials by the Ambassador designate of Indonesia to Brazil, when the Ambassador designate was already at the palace, is unacceptable to Indonesia.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Brazillian Ambassador to Indonesia on the 20th February 2015, at 22.00 to convey the strongest possible terms of protest towards the unfriendly act of the Government of Brazil and presented a formal note of protest.
  4. The Government of Indonesia has also recalled home to Jakarta the Ambassador designate of Indonesia to Brazil until a time has been determined by the Government of Brazil for the presentation of his credentials.As a democratic sovereign state with its own sovereign, independent and impartial justice system, no foreign country nor party can and may interfere with the implementation of Indonesia’s prevailing laws within its jurisdiction, including in the enforcement of laws to address drug trafficking.
Jakarta, 21 February, 00.35